Fares/Fare Zone Rates


Fare Zones

CTA operates with a system of fare zones. CTA DOES NOT offer free or reduced transfers. Customers pay a fare when they board the vehicle and must pay an additional fare each time they cross a fare zone. The fare zones are located at the Wal-Mart in Ocean Springs, Biloxi Transit Center, Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Gulfport Transit Center, Grocery Depot in Gulfport and D’Iberville Target. Purchasing a daily, 3-day or 31-day pass can result in considerable savings. Fare Zone locations are marked on the individual route time schedules, by means of red lettering on the time point column headings.

 Standard Fare

Regular Adult Fare (Single Ride) – $1.50

With MedicareCard – .75

Senior Citizens (60 & Older)

With CTA ID Card – .75

Over 90 (w/CTA ID Card) – FREE

Monthly Pass (W/CTA ID) – $32.00


Public School Student (w/CTA ID) – $1.25

Monthly Pass (w/CTA ID) – $40.00


Children Age 5 & Under – FREE

Children Age 6-14 – $1.00


Disabled (w/CTA ID) – .75

Monthly Pass (w/CTA ID) – $32.00

Coast Tour Pass

Daily, Unlimited Rides – $6.00

3-Day, Unlimited Rides – $14.00

31-Day, Unlimited Rides – $50.00

ADA / Paratransit

ADA / Paratransit – $2.00 / Zone

Passes can be purchased on any fixed route bus, the Biloxi and Gulfport Transit Centers or at our CTA office located at 333  DeBuys Rd, Gulfport, MS  39507.