An Update on CTA’s Response to Coronavirus

Press Release – March 27, 2020 2:00 P.M.
Subject: CTA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

In response to COVID-19 impacts to the Gulf Coast Community, CTA is maintaining fixed route bus services for essential travel. CTA is experiencing a significant amount of passengers that are traveling on non-essential trips that are endangering themselves and others to exposure to the virus.

To minimize public health risk, effective Saturday March 28, CTA is restricting all trips on fixed route bus services for the purpose of health, nutrition and work. CTA will have security on our fixed route buses enforcing the passenger codes of conduct, restrictions on purpose of trip and social distancing.

Passengers are required to maintain a six-foot distance from the driver and other passengers at all times unless they are traveling together.

CTA continues to maintain an increased level of cleaning and disinfecting of all CTA vehicles and providing personal protective equipment for our drivers and maintenance personnel.

Effective Saturday March 21, 2020 the following measures were implemented on a temporary basis:

  1. Fare collection was suspended on all fixed routes and demand response services.
  2. All fixed route services were reduced to 90-minute headway intervals only. The BeachComber and Pass Road RT#34 were affected, with an increase from 45 to 90-minute headway intervals. Click HERE for bus schedules and timetables 
  3. CTA asked that riders use the fixed route services for essential travel only such as healthcare, nutrition and work.
  4. Demand response service was restricted to health and nutrition purposes only.
  5. Passengers must not sit in the front of the bus. They must maintain social distancing of 6 feet unless traveling together. Passengers must observe cough etiquette, social distancing and must comply with driver instructions or be subject to removal.
  6. The Biloxi Transit Center and Gulfport Transit Center was closed to the public.

For additional information call 896-8080

“The public are putting themselves and CTA employees at risk by not limiting trips on the public transit system. We need the full cooperation of the community to ensure CTA can continue to provide these vital services” said CTA Executive Director Kevin Coggin.