Biloxi Ride Free Day – Saturday, September 26th

September 21, 2020




Subject: CTA’s Last Stop for our Ride Free Summer Shopper’s Day is Biloxi


CTA will be in Biloxi Saturday, September 26th for our Ride Free Summer Shopper’s Day where riders can ride fare-free all day long on all fixed route buses and trolleys in Biloxi. Meaning if you board the bus in Biloxi, you can ride fare-free to your destination.


So, get on board and ride free through the beautiful town of Biloxi for lunch at delicious restaurants, amazing shopping, and entertaining gaming. This is the perfect opportunity to ride on our safe, reliable, buses and enjoy a day in Biloxi with none of the hassles of parking. Call your friends and hop on for a day of fun!



“CTA, We Keep the Gulf Coast Rolling for You”