Coast Transit Authority Represented in Washington, D.C.

CTA Executive Director Kevin Coggin was invited to testify at the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee on Highways and Transit meeting in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The topic of the meeting was, “It’s Electric: A Review of Fleet Electrification Efforts.”


“I want to thank Congressman Mike Ezell for introducing me at the hearing and for his support of CTA efforts,” said Kevin Coggin, CTA Executive Director.


Director Coggin discussed CTA efforts over time to integrate various types of alternative fuels into the fleet, including propane, hybrid electric, and battery electric. CTA’s goal is to implement alternative fueled vehicles to reduce emissions in a cost-efficient manner. CTA is in the process of phasing out all diesel engine buses and replacing them with low-emission propane fueled buses in small and trolley bus vehicles as well as hybrid electric or battery electric in its large heavy-duty buses. The current CTA fleet consists of 20% gasoline, 52% diesel, 27% propane, and 1% battery electric. There are 12 propane fueled replacement buses on order to replace diesel buses which will increase the propane fleet percentage to 48%.


CTA is doing its part to keep the Gulf Coast clean and green. For more information call Coast Transit Authority at 228-896-8080 or visit Follow Coast Transit Authority on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay in the loop!


Picture By: T&I Committee Republicans 

Coggin Written Testimony