Subject: CTA Hurricane Ida/ Emergency Evacuation Transportation – Update 1

August 27, 2021

1:30 p.m.


Subject: CTA Hurricane Ida/ Emergency Evacuation Transportation – Update 1

Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall Sunday around the LA/MA state line.

CTA has a dedicated staff that is prepared to provide Hurricane Evacuation Transportation for Harrison County, to move residents out of harm’s way.   If you anticipate transportation to be evacuated to a shelter, register online at or call 228-896-8080.

CTA Hurricane Evacuation Transportation Program for Harrison County, MS Basic Information:


  1. Once Harrison County Emergency Management Agency issues an order that shelters are open, evacuees should call CTA directly for transportation at 228-896-8080.
  2. Must be ready for pick up at the Evacuation Start Time set by Harrison County Emergency Management Agency, monitor local media outlets for information.
  3. Transportation to a local shelter is determined by your residence and shelter location, passenger cannot specify what shelter they will be transported to.
  4. Baggage limited to TWO (2) Carryon Sized Bags per person that can be stored under their seat or held in the lap. Baggage must be packed and ready to go when the bus arrives. The bus will not wait for you to pack your bags.
  5. Passengers are responsible to bring their own supplies to the shelter: water, nonperishable foods, prescription, and non-prescription medications, oxygen tanks, baby formula, wipes, and diapers, etc.
  6. Qualified pets must be in a pet carrier when the bus arrives and accompanied by the owner during transportation.
  7. If you are not going to go to the evacuation shelter, please call CTA to cancel the ride.
  8. Masks are required on the bus at all times. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.


Please continue to monitor the storm by tuning in to local news/radio stations for the most up to date information. CTA will update our information as needed. Stay safe.

Phone: 228-896-8080


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